A BIG Thank You to Ashley at                                       on getting us started in the World of                                                                Nigerian Dwarf Purebred Goats.
Click onto the banner above. This is my web site for my Miniature Horses
This person is a wonderful embroider, if you need anything embroidery, check out her web site.
The above banner is to my good friend, Irene. She is a very gifted photosphere.
If you want a good laugh, go to her web site.
I also design web site. Specialize in Miniature Horses, Dogs, Goats. Click on the banner to see some of my web sites that I've designed. I also design business cards.
This is an example of a web site that I've designed.
All of the below banners I have designed. If you might need any designing needs for your web site, I can help. You can e mail me and I will get back with you.
This web site is for my Dachshunds. I have been raising
Miniature Dachshund's of about 19 years. Puppies available sometimes. I only have about 3 litters a year.