All the baby goats have been Sold
Give me a call at 209-785-0669 or E Mail Me at
If you want one of our goats, you can pay by using
                  your debit card
Doe her name is Bialy
Bialy is in the front and Goldie is in the foreground.
Mostly White with very light cream  color
Born March 6
1 Buckling white and cream in color banded and dehorned      
Born March 5         
Born March 3   
Registered Buck one year old $125.00 click HERE to see more pictures.
                 Not registered Pigmy doe
5 years old and is very friendly, you can walk  her on a lash.                                  $25.00
Snow is available for sale and she is registered $200.00
Snow is on the smaller side and she is very friendly.
Had no problem having her two wether babies and is bred to the black and white Buck
Buck Nemo is the sire to him
Bialy is his mother
The goats are being sold at a below market price.
The reason I am selling so cheep is because I need to cut my work load, so I am willing to cut my loss's I paid a lot more then the price that I am asking.
Snow is bred to this
black and white Buck
For October 2012
Snow's two wethers born in
March. They have been sold.
Snow had no problem having
her two boy's and was an
exhalent  mother.