Goat Stand

Measurements for the stand 
50" Long
20" Wide
15" 1/2 High
Made out of very sturdy steel, not the cheep kind.
This stand is great for milking or trimming the goats hoof's.
I used this stand for my Nigerian's and Pygmy's
This stand come's apart. The guillotine part were the head go's through. It  pull's up and out to detach, so it is easy to transport around. This stand is on the heavy side.
The top Grate type construction has small diamond type holes for the poop to fall through.
This stand help's on saving your back.
The stand is a nice goat stand really help's with the work that you have to do on the goats.
This stand is in very good condition
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This stand come's apart. the guillotine part were the head go's, pull's
up and out, so it is easy to transport around.
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